7161, Dastile Mschicileli Street
Ext 7 west Diepsloot
Rand burg

Oratile ECD Centre or Oratile Day Care was founded in 2005 by a male in a world of women, that's because of his genuine love for children as he worked voluntarily with teenagers for 3 years before deciding to open the Centre. Abram Kgari worked at Engineering sector with steel but his love was always with children, he operated the Centre while still working and it was not bearing fruits as he was often away from the Centre. In 2012 when he got retrenched from work, he saw that as a great opportunity to focus on what he love the most, working with children. He started studying for ECD and focusing on growing his school. He invested his whole retrenchment package to build the Centre for children and the number of children grew from 22 to 90 in only 3 months. To date Oratile always take care and develop over 140 children from the ages of 6 months to 6 years from Monday to Friday. Parents contribute R300 per child towards the payment of 10 staff members in the Centre and for nutrition. Abram Kgari the founder is also the chairperson of Diepsloot ECD Forum with over 130 Day Care Centres under his leadership in Diepsloot.

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Oratile ECD Centre
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